Dzaghlies are domesticated Gallifreyan Dogs (Canines). They do activities like the dogs on Earth except They have Complex Evolution. They Born as an Ordinary Pup to Anthropomorphic Dogs.

They also have the appearance of a Lion That They Do Grow a mane once they get older. Their mane can cover their head and neck, and can reach down to their Upper back and chest. The Color of Their Fur Can Be Orange, Brown, Moonlight Blue, and yellow. Their Mane Can be Blond, White and Black.

They can be Muscular, Bulky, Normal, or Thin. But can happen Randomly but they can change the appearance.

They were discovered by The Doctor and Caleera When he was little. They live in the Southern of Gallifrey The Left Side of The Mountain Ranges. (FF: The Shield of Khronos)

The Doctor Described them as The Living Incarnations of Loyalty. As They always look up To Their Masters, but They Do Choose their Masters Wisely. They are Helping Handing and don't suspect anything in return

Known Dzaghlies

King Alpha (FF: Vicious Circle) Klade The Loyal (SFF: The Doctor's Desolation) Kaon The Renegade. Brother Kaldrath (SFF: The Doctor's Desolation)