The Majestic Tale was a Mini Series of Doctor Who: Nexus. Collection of Short Stories


# Title Author Feature
1 Father's Graduation Gift Braxiatel Flux Dororo
2 Keronian Affection Keroro
3 Perception Natsumi, Keroro
4 The TARDIS And I Fuyuki
5 The Doctor's Pheonix
6 The Brotherly Friendship
7 The Boy Who Hide First Doctor
8 Heaven Sent Keroro
9 Body Without Time First Doctor
10 Fireplace/The Platonic Innocent Light, Dororo
11 Hug The Tail Klade
12 Minus The Mouth Mekeke
13 The Caretaker
14 Under The Lake Fuyuki
15 The Musicbox Dororo
16 The Magician's Apprentice